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It’s pretty unthinkable how many myths have gained ground with the spread of the fitness craze. Especially around the Cardio Workout. Some of these myths are downright terrifying.

Especially when it comes to a healthy diet and working out. But there are some who regard this level of control and self-awareness as a bad example.I’d lie if I said that. I’m surprised to hear my colleagues’ sarcastic comments when I take out the meals I’ve cooked at home:

  • „Aren’t you tired of cooking all the time?”

  • „Don’t you miss a good Wiener schnitzel?”

It’s not that I don’t receive similar comments on my workout routine:

  • "It’s so good that you have time for working out."

  • „It has to be about the genes – that’s why it’s easier for you to get moving.”

  • „It’s not hard to hit the gym for a person like you – You’re always so upbeat.”

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Thanks to years’ and years`of my experience

I’m usually relaxed while handling these situations. But the truth is that there are days when I get home totally exhausted. And I just don’t want to prepare the food for the day after.Also it just happens that I don’t feel like hitting the gym. Not even if I know that I always feel and sleep better after working out.

If you also do your best to lead a healthy life, you probably know what I’m talking about.

“It’s the feeling of utter exhaustion.”

You just want that one doughnut, pizza or ice-cream; you just want to stay in because it’s way too rainy and/or windy; or you just tired after a long day.

I usually manage to get through the toughest part. (this is not to say that I force anything upon myself when I’m sick or extremely tired). Let me show you the thing that helps me a lot to get the motivation to get going.

First, I’ll show you two of the things that worked for me personally. And then I’ll share two tips that I know work for a lot of people. Even if they don’t work for me.

How to get going?

I’m not sure if it’s the same with you. But I usually need tiny things to get through the hardest part and keep going. One of these things is:

  • My training outfit.

    I always pay attention to my clothing, but usually, I just make sure that each outfit serves its purpose.

A proper outfit fits perfectly: it isn’t too tight but it isn’t too loose either. (so I don’t have to keep fixing it while working out), and it’s also sweat proof. This might sound like I’m asking a lot, but if you think about it. These should be the minimal requirements – and yet many brands fail to meet the criteria above.

If I buy something that doesn’t fit properly. I try to ignore the negatives and keep wearing it even though it isn’t the perfect fit. But you can be sure that on one of those tough days, no way I’ll pick any of these clothing. When I’m not motivated enough, I don’t want my outfit holding me back as well.

(Actually nowadays, my wardrobe starts to get very monotonous in terms of brands. Most of my clothes are from Barbell, I just love the quality that I get for my money. It never let me down regarding its functionality. Plus I can easily find the style that goes well with my taste.)

So when I’d rather stay in with a bag of chips and my favourite series. I just take my current favourite outfit – I’m sure you also have one. 

 My current favourite is Hera Black. Because it makes my butt look even better while slimming down my legs and holding my abs tightly. By the way, this feminine style totally worked for me. That’s why I got my hands on the matching top as well.

I thought I’d deserve a top for working out – something that isn’t only practical but hot as well. My top decorated with tulle, but it also slims my waist. I was a little scared of not having a sewed-in sports bra, but the padding does a great job. (they don’t get deformed in the washing machine nor do they slip from their place while running or skipping rope).

Bottom line: you should get an outfit that, if you look at it, motivates you to get moving. What else can help on tougher days? Having a beautiful outfit is just one of the things that can boost your motivation.

What is the other?

  • Listening to some intense music.

    The only reason I’m not sharing my playlist is that it changes too often – just like my music taste.

I believe that you can also edit your own mixtape as much as you want. But you can also stick with a list with the greatest hits. The point is – when you hear the beat. You should be able to lock out the hassle and negativity of your everyday routine.Bottom line: you should get an outfit that, if you look at it, motivates you to get moving. What else can help on tougher days? Having a beautiful outfit is just one of the things that can boost your motivation.

Also another thing to add: Since I prefer working out with dumbbells, I always work on my favourite muscle groups regardless of my usual routine. This involves my butt and my shoulders (working on my biceps or my abs is real torture, so I’m definitely ditching them on a harder day).

But I have two more tips that you can use.

They don’t work for me – and I’ll tell you why – but I’ve heard that they do work for a lot of people, and that’s why I’m sharing it with you now:

  • The first

    You should try different forms of workout, like pole dancing, running, yoga or cross fit. Pick the one that fits your mood, and go with a more relaxed or active routine.

  • The second

    Text a friend or a buddy to join you – it just boosts your morale when someone next to you is suffering through the same exercises while not caring how hard their day was.

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And the reason why these don’t work for me? Training is me-time for me – I’m in deep focus, and I don’t like sharing these moments – so it wouldn’t really make sense. But if sport means something different to you, do give a chance and invite a friend over when you’re feeling a bit down or lacking the motivation to hit the gym.

This is the place where you can truly be yourself – by discovering your unique style.






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