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Let’s clarify what cardio workout is about


It’s pretty unthinkable how many myths have gained ground with the spread of the fitness craze. Especially around the Cardio Workout. Some of these myths are downright terrifying.

However, Cardio does not only apply to your diet but your workout as well.

Let’s narrow it down a little and talk about Cardio itself. If you check out any fitness model’s profile, you’ll see that Cardio plays an important role. But not everyone hits the gym to shine on the stage – and probably, that’s the case with you as well.

It’s better to treat working out for what it actually is:

A way to decrease stress, increase stamina. And – if you give your utmost – you’ll also look dazzling.

So looking into the mirror won’t be an issue anymore.


Cardio is not just another way of working out – it can be the backbone of your training routine. No one says you should lift dumbbells 3 or 4 times a week. Naturally, doing some strength training is essential. But if you’re more into sports where you rely on your stamina, focus on improving that during your training.

Even if you have a proper training plan. If you don’t like it, you’ll feel like it’s a chore instead of enjoying your time at the gym.

This is but a few of the thousands of questions that you might have at the brink of making a change of lifestyle. 

Let’s clarify the very basics. So that you can create an ideal, easy-to-maintain daily routine. One that truly allows you to live in a healthy body.


You should know by now that each workout has its own specific role. Exercises like treading, stairs workout, running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling all improve your stamina. While strength training will improve your body’s overall muscle growth.


It actually is! –Even if you can read a lot of myths on the internet. Or you hear your friends saying that it isn’t. We’ve put together 7 of the most widespread myths and to help you a little. We also debunked them for you.

  • Doing cardio with an empty stomach is ace.

The assumption probably comes from the fact that: If your body can’t get enough energy from nutrients. It starts consuming its fat reserves, which also results in decreasing your body fat percentage.


Research, however, shows the exact opposite: Burning fat isn’t affected by whether you’ve eaten before a workout or not. (on top of that, some studies are claiming that. Doing Cardio with an empty stomach actually results in muscle loss).

Make no mistake; We aren’t saying that you should put on your running shoes. Then go out running in the park or get on the elliptical trainer after having a massive lunch. This is a particularly bad idea, and you can be sure that you’ll feel sick doing it. However, if you work out in the morning. Start off by having a light green shake or some snacks (e.g. almond or cashew). This will give you enough boost without being too cumbersome.

  • Cardio helps you get rid of the extra kilos.

     This also makes sense. Since it is well-known that your body only starts eating up your fat reserves. Once it’s done consuming the glycogen storages (which takes some time). Many people forget that they don’t have the power to influence from what storages their body should acquire energy.

    Apart from eating up your fat reserves. Your body actually starts consuming your muscles during a longer (1-1.5 hours), monotonous training. So, if you don’t do any kind of strengthening exercise. You can do this with dumbbells, TRX, own weight routines, or kettlebell. You’ll end up losing weight for sure, but you won’t have a curvy butt nor rounded muscular shoulders.

  • If you don’t have an hour, don’t even start.

    We’ve already talked about the magical process of energy consumption. The issue with this myth is that you are always burning more calories than when you’re chilling on your couch. Of course, being proportionate and efficient are different issues. Your chosen workout routine will have an impact on both of these.

    Routines like kettlebell, dumbbells or HIIT eat up the calories well before the end of your training. While a more steady routine does the same only for the duration of the session. Plus the former routines cannot be done for hours. If you really focus, 20-30 minutes of training will leave you gasping for air.

    These forms of workouts don’t boost your metabolism during the training. Instead, they work wonders once you finish working out thanks to their afterburn effect. A more monotonous jog or simple pedalling can become much more efficient. If you include 5-minute, high-intervals followed by 10-minute lighter periods. Do 3-5 rounds of this, and you’ll be surely exhausted.

  • Forget burning fat once your heart rate is outside of the desired range.

    Well, this myth has some merit to it. If you work out on a lower intensity. Your body is more likely to gain energy from fat. Still, if you want to lose weight, you have to consider the complete calorie consumption of your body.

    Here’s an example to understand the effect better.

    Imagine you’re doing some brisk walking, so your heart rate doesn’t exceed 60-70% of your limit. Here, 40% of your energy is coming from your fat reserves. Now imagine that you’re doing the same laps. But this time you’re running with a speed of 10 to 15 km/h (depending on your stamina). In this case, only 25% of your consumed calorie derived from your fat storage.These figures can be misleading, though. Running for half an hour can burn 300-500 calories, while brisk walking for the same duration eats up 200-250 calories. Let’s do the math! This means that running consumes 75-120 calories, while brisk walking eats up 80-100 calories from your fat reserves.

    This means that higher intensity training can help you lose more weight. But it’s highly likely that you’ll only be able to do it for a short period. Then do the same with a steadier and slower pace.

  • You can skip leg day.

    Unfortunately, you can’t trade in regular running, cycling or stairs workout for leg training. These don’t make your legs more toned and muscular (except if you’re a top sprinter). You’ll only get that toned, feminine look if you do some proper lunges, squats or deadlifting.

  • Done training? Eat anything!

    Wouldn’t it be great? If you could burn all the calories. Before you ate your favourite chocolate chip cookie or a few slices of pizza? This is where reality kicks in. Working out isn’t going to be enough for losing weight and looking like a million bucks. Let’s admit it! You’re only going to achieve that desired beach body. If you’re not just working out hard, but also you’re paying attention to your diet.

    Make no mistake; Guilty pleasures do have some legitimacy. So don’t always refuse a tasty, handcrafted burger or a slice of your fav cake. But the only way to keep these treats from affecting your curves is by having an 80%-conscious diet. This might seem a lot at first. But it’s all about being used to it. If you start following a healthy diet and your body gets used to the high fibre input. You’ll also begin to like veggies and fruits. You’ll even realise that you suddenly enjoy eating wholegrain bakery products. Or slow release side dishes like amaranth, millet or bulghur.

  • Ankle weights boost your efficiency.

    This is probably the most shocking one from the seven myths. Ankle weights can help you focus on one specific body part.

    - But who would believe that?

    - Having a few kilos attached to your wrists or ankles can introduce to you. A new dimension of burning calories?

    You might be gasping for air, but instead of being more efficient, you’ll become more prone to injury. It’s enough to have your attention drift a little, and you can easily get injured. Try to increase the intensity – this will surely improve your stamina and helps you lose weight as well.Cardio is a very efficient way of working out. Everyone should include it in their routine as it improves the circulatory system. Boosts the stamina and lung capacity, plus it also relieves stress. But it’s important that you know. The myths surrounding it, and that you have enough time for strength training as well.

This is the place where you can truly be yourself – by discovering your unique style.

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