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Washable Textile face mask

Our face masks are products that can be used, washed, ironed, and sterilised for months. The #staysafe face masks are designed to be reusable, so they are both cost and environment friendly!
For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to wash before the first use or to iron it inside and outside at high temperatures!

We produce 2 types:
traditional textile canvas mouth mask
and unique, stylish textile cotton face mask.

Both types are made in different colors, patterns, and different sizes.

In addition to adult male and female users, we also thought of children, so we also made a face mask for them in two different sizes!

Important! No mask provides 100% protection against viruses!
However, wearing it can significantly reduce the risk of allergic, bacterial, and viral infections and the spread of pathogens. They can protect their wearer and their environment from liquid infections.

Lightweight, durable, washable, and reusable!

Use: It is recommended to change after 4 hours of continuous wear.

It is worth to keep with you more alternately, and to wear a clean, every time if you really necessary to go out. 

That's why we don't have the package offers. Also, if you buy at least 3 packages (for the whole family, for example), you will get a 15% discount with the #staysafe coupon code!

How can you get it with a 15% discount?
1. add at least 3 packs of textile face masks to the basket (can be the same or different)
2. Enter coupon code #staysafe during the payment process
3. The shop will automatically deduct the discount

We provide companies with a quantity discount for larger purchases, please contact us by email!

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