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Timella Runner Hoodies

Color: Coral

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- Smart Watch hole

- Hand warmer

- Eye catching pattern

- Power Micro material


Our Timella running Long Sleeves Hoodie is an extraordinary piece.

Practicality, comfort and sporty elegance are all noticeable within this garment! The white stripe that runs diagonally across the chest is a hallmark of this top. In addition to the elegant black and white colour pair, the beautiful coral colour enhances the overall effect.

No more excuses now!

The zipper, hooded shirt with long sleeves with a hand warmer provide total comfort for athletes even on colder days. What makes this garment so special is the Unique watch option that is installed in this shirt. What hand do you wear your watch on? It doesn't matter now! You can wear it on both wrists. This way, you don't have to stretch the extended part of your hand while running to check your watch. It is made from a special fitness material which is exceptionally soft and elastic, is thermoregulatory and moisture-wicking. Choose the running pants for your collection in a length that suits you.

Each piece in our Timella collection will sport a stylish look.

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